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Operating Structure

The composition and function of the organs of management: A 10- member-Advisory Board shall serve in advisory capacity for the Association. Members of the Advisory Board shall be drawn from among national and international nursing scholars. The Executives of the Association shall comprise the President, the Vice President, the Secretary General, the Assistant Secretary General, The Financial Secretary/Treasurer. Three standing Committees, Resource Mobilisation and Capacity Building, Research and Publications and Quality Assurance will provide support for the achievement of the objectives of the organization

The Advisory Board shall give guidance and motivation for conceptualisation, initiation, implementation and evaluation of the Association’s programmes
The President takes responsibility for the overall execution of the agenda set by the Association. The President works with the other members of the executives to develop an agenda of action by time in addition to organising the annual meetings and conference of the Association. S(he) represents the Association and coordinate the works of other organs of the organisation. The President prepares a comprehensive annual report to be presented at the annual meeting of the Association.
The Secretary General takes all minutes and keeps all records of the committee. The secretary, working with the President is responsible for all communications of the Association and calls all meetings on instruction from the president.
The Assistant Secretary General acts in the absence of the Secretary General and help with other assignments as may be required for
effective functioning of the secretariat of the Association.
The Financial Secretary/Treasurer collects all money and pay into the general account of the Association. S/he gives an annual report of the financial status of the Association.
The Coordinator (Research and Publications) Works with members of the Association to generate research ideas, source for grants, coordinate and report on all research activities of the Association. S/he is also
responsible for co-ordinating all commissioned projects of the Association.
Co-ordinator (Resource Mobilization and Capacity Building) takes responsibility for mobilizing resources, capacity building and other human resource development programmes of the Association. S/he is also responsible for all the development of all IT potentials of the Association and the members.
The Coordinator (Quality Assurance) takes responsibility for all programmes of the Association that deals with standard setting, monitoring and evaluation, auditing of nursing practice and overall general quality assurance programmes of the Association.
The administrative unit will be managed by an administrative officer who assists the Executives in the day-today management of the Association and provide necessary administrative support for the activities of the Committees.