International Conference On Nursing Education


The 21st century has witnessed drastic growth in many sectors and most importantly in the health sector. Nursing as an important profession in the health care system has also witnessed a significant impact on the delivery of health and nursing care globally. Postgraduate nursing education has contributed significantly to the quality and better healthcare access globally and may not be underestimated as a catalyst in promoting healthcare access in the era of Sustainable Development Goals and in efforts to enhance quality health and nursing care. The education of the nurse has a global reference because of the international nature of the profession and graduate nurses from Africa must have the comparative advantage not only for local, national and regional reference but for international best practice.

Therefore, it is essential for Nurse Educators/Researchers, Clinicians, Administrators, Policy Makers, among other stakeholders to come together and deliberate, share experiences, thoughts and knowledge on enhancing better access to healthcare and improving nursing practice through quality postgraduate nursing education in the African Region and other Continents of the World.

The conference is to be preceded by the first round of the training workshop on SUPPORTIVE SUPERVISION FOR QUALITY NURSING UNDERGRADUATE AND POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION. This training is for all academic staff to prepare them for more work in intellectual engagement, supervision and mentoring of undergraduate, postgraduate students and younger colleagues. The first round of the workshop is planned to adopt the blended learning model of online and face-to-face combined sessions (2 weeks of Online Session and 3 days of Face-to-Face Sessions).

The online sessions will combine the synchronous and asynchronous sessions and will run between Monday 21st June and Friday 3rd July 2021. The face-to-face sessions will run between July 19 and 21, 2021.



  • Undergraduate Nursing Education – Modeling
  • Postgraduate Nursing Education – Modeling
  • Developing Postgraduate Nursing Curricula
  • Postgraduate Supervision
  • Clinical Nursing Supervision in Postgraduate Education
  • Advanced Research in Postgraduate Nursing Education and the
  • Significance of Evidence-based Nursing Practice
  • Postgraduate Nursing Education and Clinical Practice
  • Standardization, Accreditation and Legislation for Postgraduate
  • Nursing Education
  • Technology Deployment in Undergraduate, Postgraduate Education and Clinical Practice